Warning on the offer of products and services and the irregular use of the B3’s and BSM’s names, by an institution not authorized to operate in the organized markets managed by B3.

Please, be advised that B3 and BSM do not issue documents or certificates for the purpose of attesting the registration of securities brokers or dealers in the markets managed by them. If you are contacted by someone passing off as a brokerage firm or securities distributor using a document signed by BSM or B3 which attests it’s access authorization, whether by phone, e-mail or messaging applications, the offer is false and must be disregarded.

Since BSM and B3 do not have a direct relationship with investors, they do not request, by any means, transfers of values or financial resources in favor of themselves or of third parties, registration through applications installed on mobile and telephone devices, nor do they directly offer products, services, or investments to the public. Such practices constitute indications that the contact is false and/or possibly a fraud.

Therefore, we recommend that you do not forward any personal information or make any transfers of values in favor of these persons and/or companies that identify themselves as authorized participants without, first, confirming the origin and status of that company before the CVM – Brazilian securities and exchange commission.

To invest in assets in the organized markets managed by B3, whether in the over-the-counter market or the stock exchange market, it is necessary to have an account with a brokerage firm or a securities distributor duly authorized by CVM and certificated before B3. Check here the list of Participants with access rights to the markets managed by B3:

In case you are approached by a company or person whose actions may be considered suspicious and who is not on the CVM’s list of authorized Participants, contact BSM through the complaints channel to report the occurrence. We provide the link to “BSM’s guide to making a complaint” “Guia BSM para fazer uma denúncia” – Cartilha BSM para o investidor ( – and we emphasize that any suspicious activity must be reported to BSM.

In case of any questions, please contact us at B3’s Public Service Center at +55 (11) 4200-0277, BSM Customer Service at +55 (11) 2565-6200, or at the following email addresses and